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I Spot Cash Back Rewards, A Complete Customer Acquisition & Retention System!

What do you know about your customers?

  • Do you know their names?
  • Do you know where they live?
  • Do you know their email address or their mobile phone number?
  • Do you communicate with your customers on a regular basis?
  • Do you know how much your customer spends and how often they visit?
  • Do you have a system encouraging customers to communicate with you and provide incentives for their feedback?

How do you currently get information from your customers?

  • Manually input data from paper signup sheets often dealing with illegible names and addresses?
  • Have customers drop their business cards in a fishbowl?
  • Ask your customers at checkout when and if you or your staff remember?
  • Constantly updating data without any way to automatically handle opt-outs, email updates or other important changes?
  • What do you do with the data you do collect?
  • Or perhaps you just don't bother with it at all?

We collect your customer data so you don't have to be bothered.

  • Simply invite every customer to sign up online or on their mobile device and get an immediate pre-loaded ballance of ($5.00 or $10.00 for example) which they can redeem at a later time after activating their account.
  • Customers can activate their account online or from their mobile device. This means you don't have to spend waisted time collecting information and you and your staff can spend time providing the best customer experience that you can.
  • Your registration form can be customized to collect any data you want including: name, address, email, mobile number, birthday or aniversary, etc.. The form can even be co-branded to place on your web site.
  • A confirmation email is sent to your new members validating their email address and mobile phone. These are all double opt-in and your clients will be able to set up their preferences within a back office.
  • Upon activation, the customers profile will be automatically added to your secure database for ongoing communication, specials and more.

Membership Reports

  • As customers activate their accounts either online or on their mobile device their marketing profile will be added to your secure database.
  • After activation any rewards dollars preloaded on their account will become available for redemption.
  • By default, customers can use their account to earn rewards even if their account is not activated. However, activation is required before any rewards can be redeemed through the system to help aid your collection of customer data.
  • You can login and review your Membership Report anytime online in your password protected back office account. Your membership database continues to grow as we add more customers via cross marketing and promotions.

The I Spot Cash Back Rewards Program features complete Gift Card capabilities with the added convenience and benefits of world class Rewards and fundraising on the same platform. Our proprietary program allows merchants to receive payments in advance from customers like a gift card purchase guaranteeing a return visit without any advertising cost or reduction in pricing to drive spending.

Here are just a few ideas on why customers will be happy to give you money in advance:

  • A Pre-Paid 20% Bonus
    Load (or add) $20.00 in rewards when a customer purchases a $100.00 gift card account (for themselves or someone else). This strategy is a huge money maker for the business and yet offers a much higher return for the customer than simply leaving the money in the bank.
  • Free Meal or Item
    Offer a meal or service FREE when the customer loads a certain amount (such as $50.00) on (theirs or someone elses) gift card account.

  • Frequency Visits
    Instead of selling a gift account with a monetary amount (ie $50.00) consider loading items of service such as 10 Entrees or 20 Car Washes. Customers can prepay in advance for a special discounted price to redeem at a later time.

Over 98% of loyalty programs issue points as rewards. Points are difficult for customers to understand and therefore fail to engage consumers to maximum potential. I Spot Rewards, however, uses a superior instant cash back rewards program design. Cash back rewards are easy to understand, show extreme value to customers, and places your business on a path toward reducing then eliminating all discounting inside your business. When we make things simple and efficient by eliminating coupons, paper punch cards and other hard to understand points based programs, the value and convenience to customers is clearly seen in the bottom line. Many of our clients have shattered sales numbers and profit records with these simple steps alone!

  • Each business owner is in full control of rewards and how they can be earned and redeemed.
  • The ability to change rewards, bonuses or value added offers can be done within seconds.
  • Automatic thank you note emails cement the benefits and remind customers of the value.
    (See a sample email below)

What makes I Spot Cash Back Rewards different from any other loyalty solution in the market today?

  1. Instant Cash Back Rewards Design:
    Unlike most points based loyalty programs that may increase sales 5% to 10%, I Spot Cash Back Rewards issues instant cash back rewards which is simpler and proven to increase sales and profits upwards of 30% to 40% based on successful client execution.
  2. Immediate Paperless Redemption:
    I Spot Cash Back Rewards utilizes a completely paperless redemption process offering consumers the ability to redeem earned rewards immediately by presenting their mobile device at checkout without waiting for redemption certificates to come in the mail or long awaited deposits to an account. This process caters to consumer desires for instant gratification and delivers proven higher ROI.
  3. Customer Database Outsourcing :
    Virtually every other loyalty program solution in the market requires you to actually collect and input the data. We handle this tedious and time consuming process for you and treat your customers with personal attention. We have people on staff whose sole job is to assist YOUR members to activate and update their data if they are having difficulty.
  4. Data Validation:
    The I Spot Cash Back Rewards program offers proprietary database building features that not only supports account activation by email, mobile device with double opt-in authentication but validates the legitimacy of emails and mobile numbers in milliseconds through a 3 rd party database.
  5. Gift and Cash Back Rewards on the Same Platform:
    The gift and rewards application can be run on the same rewards platform. Combining multiple applications on the same platform saves money while adding more convenience and features for consumers.
  6. Robust Fraud Monitoring:
    I Spot Cash Back Rewards goes above and beyond normal fraud controls with reports on everything, including but not limited to: high dollar tickets, high frequency patterns, multiple registration attempts with controls to curb abuse and automated daily, weekly or monthly emails to authorized management for proactive monitoring.
  7. Proprietary Fundraising Module:
    I Spot Cash Back Rewards offers the only fundraising solution of its kind with complete accounting transparency designed to move your rewards marketing OUTSIDE the walls of your business.
  8. Single Sign On Solution:
    Instead of working with multiple vendors I Spot Cash Back Rewards includes built-in email and text marketing modules. This tight integration automatically and seamlessly updates subscriber lists, manages bounces, and processes opt-outs.
  9. Full Service Campaign Consulting:
    For clients too distracted or busy to run email and text marketing promotions, we have a full service team dedicated to doing everything for you for very nominal fees.
  10. Loyalty Marketing Expertise:
    Arguably the most important bullet on this list, a I Spot Cash Back Rewards subscription includes access to senior loyalty marketing experts that are more approachable and knowledgeable about all things loyalty than any of our competitors. We will actually help you execute loyalty marketing with true innovation and in accordance with industry best practices.


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