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About The Rewards Auction

The Rewards Auction is a free online auction marketplace offering local, national, and international trade with no fees for bidding, buying, or selling. You can turn your unwanted stuff into cash, and get the best possible deals for new or used things on the Rewards Auction with no selling fees, and no bidding fees.

Just like an online garage sale, on the Rewards Auction you can find online auctions for items that haven't been sold in decades. Rare and collectable merchandise, as well as state of the art new electronics. It's all here!

Why online auctions?

Online Auctions offer buyers the lowest possible price for unique items that only they may be interested in, while at the same time offering sellers the highest dollar amount for an item which is rare, collectable, and/or highly sought after.

Is everything an auction?

No! There are hundreds of thousands of items on the Rewards Auction for which sellers have declared fixed prices that they're willing to sell for. Get what you need today, and don't wait for the online auction to complete, by using these fixed buy now prices.

How can you offer a free marketplace, what's the catch?

The Rewards Auction is membership platform. Sellers pay a $29.95 per year membership fee to join and sell as many items as often as they like and NOT by charging our members endless fees. As a member community we can better support small businesses and independent sellers who cannot afford the high fees and commissions of the alternative huge corporate sites.

Why Rewards Auction?

The Rewards Auction is part of the I Spot Rewards and Webigo Marketing Group and we are a huge supporter of small business and is one of the fastest growing auction sites in North America making the Rewards Auction the number one online auction alternative.

If you have been a fan of Ebay, Quibids, Ebid, Etsy, Ubids and many other penny and nich specific auctions you are going to be over the moon for the Rewards Auction. And why do I say that so assuradly?

Because it is FREE to Buy and Sell!

It's the first Ebay style auction that features no fees for buying or selling on the auction. Sign up for the Webigo Business Development Build Your Business plan or above and the Rewards Auction it is included, regularly an annual membership fee of $29.95 if you were to purchase the Auction alone. As a Webigo Business Directory member you can then buy and sell anything your little heart desires for no auction fees.

Sellers can post as many items as they want with no fees. That means sellers keep all their profits. Buyers will get better buys because sellers can pass along savings as incentives. Everyone wins.

But it doesn't just stop there. Sellers can use the I Spot Rewards Network to promote their auctions which drives many more buyers than most other auctions. Less Outside Marketing – Because you're able to piggyback off the I Spot Rewards, Webigo Networks and their enormous platforms, you don't need to worry about marketing, SEO or paying for traffic. This saves you time, as marketing is one of the biggest challenges associated with running an online auction business.

Amazon Sellers

If you are an Amazon seller we know margins can be very thin but now with the Rewards Auction you will make more money. Set up your own store and drop ship business. No more auction success fees, which can be up to 10% – or higher – of the sale prices of your items.

Got A Home Based Business?

You can list your Home Based Business Opportunity in the businesses for sale category and find thousands of people looking for just the right businesses to invest in.

Does your Home Based Business offer products? The Rewards Auction is the perfect place to list your products. Products can be listed as a buy now item at the price you set. No fees to pay.

Own A Brick & Mortar Business?

If you own a local business the Rewards Auction is a great place to set up a secondary store for excess or outdated inventory. Find new buyers outside your normal market area. Create new revenue sources with new products. Post incentives to drive more traffic to your business location. There are just so many new opportunities and we even provide a dedicated Account Manager to help you find new markets and grow your business. Your membership will come with a business listing in the Webigo Business Directory with 13 other marketing features.

The Rewards Auction is the best online auction alternative for online auctions, as well as the fastest growing free online auctions marketplace with over 2.5 mil buyers and growing!




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