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About I Spot Cash Back Rewards

I Spot Cash Back Rewards and the Webigo Business Network strives to support and sustain quality of life within local communities around North America. You can access local deals, online shopping and more. Our goal is to create incredible value for our members. We want to help you save hundreds of dollars annually on things you would normally purchase.

Our unique, business is based on a proven business model, and consists of both citizen members and local, independent business owners. I Spot Rewards is an organization of men and women who believe it's vital to keep independent business alive and thriving in North America.

I Spot Cash Back Rewards is based on a nationally proven Independent Business model that enriches and empowers locally owned independent businesses, their employees and owners through three core tenants:

  1. EDUCATION. The Webigo Business Network featuring I Spot Cash Back Rewards, Webigo Marketing and the Webigo Directory informs citizens of the value provided by community-based businesses and their importance to the local economy, culture and the social fabric of our unique country.
  2. GROUP IDENTITY. We do promotion, advertising and marketing to elevate the collective profile of our community-based businesses, which helps level the playing field and brings them some of the market advantages that corporate chains and non-community-based businesses enjoy.
  3. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING. The Webigo Business Network creates strong relationships with local governments and the media to influence local policy and decision-making by giving a voice to the locally owned independent business community.

I Spot Cash Back Rewards and the Webigo Business Network seeks to improve the long-term sustainability of the local, independent economy by advancing the business development with today's advanced technologies and marketing solutions. We do this by communicating the great importance of supporting locally owned, independent businesses to both residents and visitors. We also encourage earth-friendly business practices. I Spot Cash Back Rewards and the Webigo Business Network achieves these goals by developing and/or suggesting viable solutions, which strengthen the functionality and spirit of the independent business throughout North America.





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